Saturday, November 8, 2014

16 Days

Where has the time gone?!
In a short 16 days I will be back in Phoenix, the homeland.
However, the past few weeks have been incredibly memorable. 

My roommate and I certainly loved our host family in Crestview, Florida.
We had a lot of fun together just hanging out or going to different places. Which would include them taking us on their boat, so fun!
We saw several dolphins, and walked on the beautiful white sands.

I also grew quit attached to my host parents pets, Beau, and Zoe.

 To say these two have been a huge blessing in my life would not do them justice.
I was very sad to leave. 

Even the kids at the church were a fun group.

They most certainly kept us on our feet the whole time!
And while we weren't teaching we went around doing touristy things like going to the Aviation Naval Museum.

On the way back we got a flat tire. Us girls made the most of it by getting out of the bus and playing games while we waited for the tire to get fixed... three hours later. 

All in all Crestview was amazing. 

Tomorrow starts the summit here in Lyons, Georgia. 
I'm very excited to be here and the church seems to be ready. They have been having many prayer meetings in excitement for the revival to begin, and talk about it often. 
So please keep us in your prayers, and I'll be home soon!