Monday, June 17, 2013

FCC Staff 2013

Hello Readers,
I hope you all had a blessed Father's Day!
I am still in the Atlanta area and will be here till Saturday! Then it's off to California, Mexico for family vacation, California again, and home to pack for another year in Life Action. Weph!
The campers have been so much fun to coach I just wish I had more time with them. I do love seeing them improve in cheerleading but I mainly wish I could have more time to talk with them about Jesus. However, I know that speaking truth, makes a difference. Especially compared to saying nothing at all.
"So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it"
Isaiah 55:11

These are just some pictures from the past three weeks

Saying goodbye to my family...
And hello to my missed tiger family!
FCC East Coast Staff 2013
Staff picture after church one Sunday morning!
As you can see my new Duck Dynasty shirt is my favorite.
After Work Week we our boss bought us all tickets to the Braves game! So much fun!
I helped finish this painting of a sheet sign that we are using for camps this summer
My first FBI group of the Summer!
We stopped in Athens one night while we where passing through and grabbed a picture with this guy, as well as some Raising Caines, yumm!
My friend Aimee and I hung out in Atlantic Station over the weekend...
We also went on an adventure through the woods to a river. 
And on Sundays for church, we've been able to attend Passion City Church a few times!
They've been going through a series called, "That We May" from the passage in 1 Peter 2:9-10

Every time I go it's so incredibly refreshing! A couple Sundays ago when we were there Matt Redman was leading worship. He had just recorded his new album the night before, so we had the privilege of hearing some of his new songs. Then yesterday morning for Father's Day, Kristian Stanfill led worship, very cool experience!

Sometimes people think that since I travel all the time I don't get homesick... But I actually get homesick a lot. I'm very close with my family and knowing that my little brother is getting older without me there makes me really sad sometimes. Especially on holidays like yesterday...
 The only way I can overcome it is by relying on God. I pray constantly when I'm missing my family or even just my own room. Traveling can take a toll on you. If God wasn't watching over me, I probably would have been sick so many more times and just quit long ago. What keeps me going is knowing I'm doing the will of my Father and I'm right where He wants me. As well as all of your support! I'm very grateful for all of you who read my blog, and pray for me. Your support has also made a huge difference and for that I'm very grateful.

This week my camp is at FCC's office, and we're having some very unique themed days, so follow me on Instagram and Twitter to see all the fun!

And lastly I applied for a scholarship of $500 for Life Action
So I will find out later if I get that and if I do then I need to raise $3,000 for the training fee.
If you would like to help me finish raising what I need for that you can go here and click on my name!
Thank you all so much!