Saturday, November 2, 2013

North Carolina and the Hallmark Challenge...

Every church we go to we have a team activity to increase a bond between our team. For instance, we went to the beach at our last church, the church before that we played hide n seek (way more fun than I thought it would be).

This time our team activity was to make a Hallmark movie. We were divided into two teams and tonight we will watch the results of each teams hard work.

I cannot wait to show you how my teams turned out!

In other news, we are in Apex, North Carolina! Which happens to be a couple hours away from some family members that I have not seen since I was around eight years old. Gladly we found a day where we could meet for lunch and catch up. It was so nice to hear about all that they are doing and plan to do in the future. Unfortunately not everyone could be there but I got to see my great cousin and great aunt! It was truly a blessing!

Speaking of blessings... this church has had the most receptive kids I may have ever taught. They soak up the lessons and seem to completely understand how to apply it to their lives. One of the seemingly rare times that God lets you in on what he's teaching them.

Yesterday marked five years of marriage for my sister and her husband! I'm so happy for them and miss them very much. I miss my whole family very much. For those of you wondering I will be flying home December 10th! Just about 38 days away, but who's counting? I greatly look forward to being in my own room with familiar surroundings, people, and my own church that I miss very much!

A week from now we will be in Fayetteville, GA. Then spend thanksgiving in Tennessee like we did last year. One more church after that in Princeton, Kentucky, and I will finally be on my way back to Phoenix!

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