Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Phoenix, Orlando, and Melbourne. Where to Next?

Wow so much has happened since my last post! As usual time went by fast at home. I was fortunate enough to do as much as I did while I was in AZ.
My mom, sister and I saw White Christmas at the Phoenix theatre.
My dad, brother, and I went to the desert botanical gardens to take some pictures of the famous Chihuly Glass they were displaying.
One of the weekends the family went up north to Prescott for some time away from our busy lives.

Then before I knew it my mom and I were on our way to FCC’s 25th Nationals! 

It was great seeing so many FCC staff friends outside of summer camps! As we ran the competition it was a very fun experience to see all of the teams practice, perform, and even worship together at night. Not to mention when Jamie Grace came and did a special performance night for us!
(Staff meeting Jamie Grace)

After the competition ended my mom and I were able to stay in Orlando for a whole week doing whatever we wanted. We went to Universal Studios a few times, to the movies, and of course, shopping.

(It's always bittersweet saying goodbye to Universal Studios)

 Once again that time came to a close and she had to drive me to Melbourne, Florida to meet back up with my Life Action team. It feels so good to be back on the road with my friends ministering to kids, and families. Being back where God wants me is so refreshing. I’ve been blessed with an amazing host family with three adorable little girls and one baby on the way! Staying with them has made coming back on the road so much easier.

From day one at First Baptist Melbourne to our last service Sunday night, the kids were night and day different. In a good way. They soaked up all the lessons like sponges and every night they seemed to understand more and more.  What a great first church of the semester to start off with!

A couple of things I did during the summit…

Held an alligator. There's a first for everything. 
And we went to DisneyWorld with the team!

I had so much fun going with my close friends to such a great place! 

On one of the Sunday mornings in Happy Heart City (ages four-first grade) they learned about what obeying looks like, and how to do it. Later that night I had the privilege of teaching the kids (thirty) WHO we are supposed to obey and WHY. 

This was honestly a lesson I was dealing with while having to prepare. God was teaching me that even though I don't always agree with my authorities decisions His word says, “…whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.” Romans 13:2

In conclusion, I may feel like I’m just resisting an authority (or person), but in reality I’m resisting God. Because they are God given authorities. This goes as far as my parents, to Obama. God’s purposely place those people in charge of different areas. God is my ultimate authority and I listen to Him over any other person. Yet, I should not disrespect those He has placed above me.

Talk about a hard lesson to swallow.

So now that we are done in Florida we will be leaving early Wednesday morning to Cabot Arkansas where it’s currently twenty-seven degrees. The good news is, I'm surprisingly looking forward to the weather. However, that’s just based off of getting to wear my winter clothes longer. The sad news is, I have to say goodbye to this precious family. I'm greatly going to miss them!

Please keep us in your prayers as we travel on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Thank you for reading!

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