Friday, November 2, 2012

Sweet Home Arizona

If you haven't heard, I am currently back home for a few days! I've really missed my family and I'm so glad i get to be home to help plan my best friend's wedding! The wedding is on the 22nd of December and i'll get to watch two of my very good friends finally be wed. I absolutely take credit for introducing them three years ago and now i get to be in their wedding.

Since the soon to be bride has to learn how to cook some meals, my mother decided it would be great for her to know how to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving. So last night, on Halloween, we had a small Thanksgiving meal prepared by the future Mrs. Greenfield! 

She did a fantastic job! It all tasted amazing and we'll be eating turkey for days. 
(considering that's what happens after thanksgiving)

Tomorrow will be my last day at home, and since it is officially the holiday season we will be decorating the house for Christmas. Then, very early on Saturday morning I will fly out to Georgia to be with my team on our fourth Summit of the year! The last summit was is Huntsville, Alabama and had some very cool history. They celebrated the buildings' 113th years of existence and the church was excited to have Life Action, for a second time! Life Action was at the church in 1988 when my parents traveled. Meaning, when I realized what they were saying I was sitting in the very same pews my mom and dad once did. Then, it got even crazier when I found out that my mom's old host parents still went to the church and I got to meet them! 

Twenty-four years later, and they still go to the same church, how many people can say that?

My host mom was also super great! Her name is Suzanne :) 
Maybe twenty-four years from now my kid will get to meet her! 

Anyways, since I've been home God has helped grow me as an older sister and a little sister. The older we get, the more we learn about each other, and without God's help I would never get to know how amazing my brother and sister are! I love them so much :) 

And last but not least, I would never have been able to get home without the permission from my leadership but also from the help of my parents. I love them both so much and am so grateful I got to spend some time with them, I can't wait till it's Christmas break so I can be home again! But for now, my team needs me!