Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dalton, Georgia

Georgia is absolutely beautiful right now! The leaves are falling and changing like a normal fall season, whereas in Arizona I'm use to... dirt. 

Ashlan helped me pack the night before I left. I greatly appreciated all her help that night :)
My flight the next day had a stop in Chicago 

This is what it looks like incase you were wondering.

When I finally arrived in Atlanta and my friend Katie picked me up from the airport! She was kind enough to drive me all the way to Dalton (which is about a 4 hour total trip) It was so good to see her! Hopefully I will be able to again before I leave!

When I pulled up to my host home it was a farm! It's owned by my host parents who use to own over 100 llamas, but a few years ago they sold all of them.

I took this at the top of their hill. Apparently, if you get there for the sunrise you can see it come over the mountains. I obviously never did that, but if I had a day off I would!  

My host parents home!

They own a couple donkeys... no big deal. 

This is a barn on their property where they hold weddings.

My host mom has a beautiful rose garden!

My host mom, Nanette, loves her dog! 

And my host dad, Joe, reminded me of my dad when he pulled out his big camera! Except he was shooting with a Canon... I know dad, i know, Nikon is "the best" type of camera to shoot with!

Host parents and their host children!

My friend Andrea! We got hot apple cider from the apple farm!

Petting Zoo!

Team picture at the Christmas party!

This is my friend Cameron! He's from Ethiopia :)

This is my good friend Trysta! She understands me :) 

Now we're more than halfway into the summit and on Sunday, our minister, Steve, spoke about salvation. I'm glad to report that a large number of the church went into the prayer room when he was done and about fifteen people made a decision to be in a relationship with Jesus. 
Even more have since then and we are so excited about all that God has done here at Grove Level Baptist Church!
As we continue to minister to the children, teens, and adults here please pray that what God is doing in the church will make long lasting differences and that once we are gone that their lives wouldn't return to the way it use to be before we arrived.  

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