Friday, September 19, 2014

A New Year a New Me...

Here are some pictures of the past several weeks...

Right before a huge storm rolled in at Life Action Camp.

All propped up for skits!

Happy Heart City is serious about Shark Week.

Blue Team 2014-2015

Canoeing with some friends at Life Action Camp.

My close friend Karis, or sometimes preferred as Mario, and I get to stay together for our first summit!

It’s the beginning of another travel year and I’m not exactly the same person. Now don’t freak out. I’ll always be Marina, but God continues to do a work in me, making me into a new person.

After five weeks at Life Action Camp training for the travel year we are on the road. On Wednesday it will be our last service with the church here and then we will travel to Augusta, GA arriving on Friday.

This year, if you remember, I am the Happy Heart City (4 year old – 1st grade) club leader. I have four new HHC Teachers under me and we are having a great time together! God greatly blessed me with a great group of people who love to be spontaneous and have fun.

I will say though that being in this new position has certainly made road life different.
And yes, it was harder than I anticipated. However, God has given me grace to lead and grace to give. It hasn’t been easy teaching four new people everything I’ve learned in the past two years in just five weeks. Although, I tried, I tragically failed. I easily forgot what it was like to be a first year, completely clueless to half of what they might be going through I expected much of them quickly. Excluding the grace that they needed. It wasn't before long that God put me in my place. An apology shortly followed and thankfully they all forgave me. This is just one of the many things God is teaching me. I'm looking forward to seeing where I'll be by the end of the travel year. For now, i'm leading in grace.
I look forward to posting again soon.