Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Summer in a Nutshell...

I am excited as I write to you from Life Action yet again. This will be my third year serving in the ministry and I cannot wait for what God wants to do!

(Flower crown by my talented friend Elizabeth. Visit her store here:

This summer was filled with travel as usual. However, it felt like a lot more than in the past. God sent me to a lot of different places being able to share the love of christ to 500 cheerleaders and explore more of his beautiful creation. Including...

Cancun, Mexico

Hiked my first 14k mountain in Colorado

Went to the four corners of America

Visited Passion City Church while I was in Atlanta, Georgia

Dallas, Texas

Azuza, California

and Azuza, California

Out of all these beautiful places my favorite is home....

Phoenix, Arizona
With my family. 

It's always sad having to say goodbye but I'm grateful for God's goodness.

I have been at Life Action Camp for about 10 days now. The first week I worked family camp and had the most adorable camp sister!

On Sunday Staff training officially started and I am very much looking forward to getting to know my new team this month. We will be together for a whole year and it's just begun!

Please pray for me as I enter this year! I would also like to share that I am still in need of $1,500 for my training fee.

If you are able to help support me I cannot express my gratitude. 
Click on the link below to donate :)