Tuesday, May 5, 2015

An Unexpected Surprise

While traveling on the road full time you end up going through luggage pieces more often than you'd like. The constant packing, unpacking, and pulling of your suitcases from place to place takes a toll on them. Here you are only allowed to have one big suitcase, and a duffle. You also have a personal closet on the truck to store things which helps a lot. However, when you have to pack for all weather circumstances, and you're traveling for 10 months, it just never feels like there's enough room.
That is, I am speaking for myself.

Yet, everyone has their own system for how to travel and mine seems to change more often than I'd like. For all my travel time I have not used a duffle. I would use some type of travel piece smaller than a duffle. At the beginning I thought I would be ok. Until a few months in, I wished I had one of those Vera Bradley duffles. I've never been a fan of how they look but moreover how well they function. Basically just being able to cram anything into it and having a side pocket that never seemed to let anything slip out.

While we were in Florida about a month ago I was able to stay with a family for two nights that I had previously stayed with on the road last year. It was great being able to visit and catch up with them. They are such a sweet family. My roommate and I grew very close with them when we were there for a summit last year. So it meant a lot to be able to see them for just a couple days.
While we were talking on the last night my host mom asked about how our luggage works. I mentioned the big suitcase, and duffle bag. Now, I wouldn't normally mention how I'd like a Vera Bradley duffle bag over what I did have for a couple of reasons. Sometimes people just really want to bless you and if they hear you want something they will go out and get it. Other times, if you say it in such a way they might feel like you are hinting at wanting them to get something for you. So I never mention things like that. I despise it when people are free loaders and I do my best to not come off like one.
However, I knew them and we were just having a conversation, I happened to mention it.
No later than ten minutes she tells me she had something for me.

A Vera Bradley duffle. She had it for when she gave birth to her son, James who was a three month old at the time. She used it once to take what she needed with her to the hospital.

I had no intention of hinting about it, I was purely just sharing about my life and how traveling works. To say the least, I was incredibly shocked and yes, the cliche christian "I'm so #blessed" sentence. But hey, I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. That bag has been so nice to have. Every time I look at it I'm still shocked.
It may seem silly to you, but I'll be forever grateful.

You never know when or where God is going to bless you next.
It may not be something like a duffle bag, but it could mean just as much to you.