Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Live in the Moment

We just finished a full summit in Aledo, Illinois where I was able to sit through all the services and just soak in for a break. It was awesome. I had not sat in but one service since last spring. Granted that’s my fault because I’m in charge and could have made time for myself to get in service but… life.
The other night while in service it dawned on me all of the “last time” moments I am about to have. The last time I will wear the team dress I’ve had since my first year. The last time I’ll get to teach my favorite lesson. Or the last time I’ll tell a story that’s made the most impact on my life.  The last time I get to go out to lunch or coffee with my close friends. The list is endless and I can’t help but get emotional over some of these things. So I asked my boyfriend, to help me come up with a word or phrase that I could say to myself to keep me from slipping into sadness.

And yes, I did say boyfriend. Like how I snuck that in there? His name is Nathan, he’s from Michigan, and he leads the older kids club called, Base Camp.  Now you have enough information to stalk him, so in the words of my father, “Get crackin!”

Anyways, he took some time to think about it and called me later than night. He told me about how it can be easy to compare travel years and nitpick at what you do and don’t like between all of them. But rather than doing that, just live in the moment. Enjoy the blessing that moment is.

Since then there have been so many times I’ve had to say to myself, “Marina, just live in the moment. It’s going to be OK.” It’s been so very helpful. Just reminding myslef not to get anxious over it and pray for grace.

Now we are in route to The Barn at Buladean. A place you may have heard me mention before. We’ve spent a couple of Thanksgivings there since I started traveling in 2012. We’ll be staying there till Sunday then going to a conference at the Billy Graham Center in North Carolina.  We’ll be helping and attending with some of it. So that’s my update on life for you!
Thanks for reading!