Monday, September 14, 2015

What is College?

A fair question when you're in the middle of it. Or better yet if you've never been.
College is sitting in front of a computer.
Typing all of your math answers.
Staying up late to be social.
Hating that you procrastinated.
Planning out your next week so that you don't procrastinate.
Drinking lots of coffee.
Catching the shuttle to work immediately after class.
Getting sunburnt walking to class (maybe only Phoenix).
Not caring about how you look.
College is complicated, and altogether simple.
It's work for your education.
College is an outlet for your career.
It's a building place.
Where you make friends and learn about what you aren't good at.
While learning about what you are good at.
Realizing you're in the wrong field of education.
Then changing your mind.
College is the same daily conversations.
It's good.
And that's where I am.
At college.