Monday, December 3, 2012

From Georgia, to Tennessee, and Home!

When we finished in Dalton Georgia God had clearly been working through the lives of the people In Grove Level Baptist. I am glad to report we are still hearing wonderful things from them as God is still working, thank you so much for joining my team and I in prayer about that! We then arrived at the Barn at Buladean where we spent Thanksgiving week together. Here's some pictures leading up to the current!

The Barn at Buladean. ^

Trysta and I on Thanksgiving Day.

Our Thanksgiving Dinner, was very casual and relaxed. We just had a few tables and some good cookin.

Thanksgiving night we watched Elf, which was surprisingly a first for one of our team members!

As we left Buladean we headed toward our next church.

We stopped for some dinner, ^ and then met our host families after we set up!

This last summit of the semester was in Cleveland, Tennessee. I had the privilege of staying with the pastor and his family, where my roommate and I were very blessed! They took us in like real family and even though our short eleven days is up the pastor announced us as additional family members.  

This is my littlest host sister. Her name is Faith :) 

This would be my other host sister. Her name's Payton and on Wednesday she went to school as Cindy Loo Hoo! I lover her for obvious reasons :)

Here's the Church's stage.

And this was our snowman in Happy Heart City! Every Church we set up a tape shape on the floor so that we can direct the kids in a spot that they have to sit in. We make it as fun as possible :) 

The church had an outside theatre with a stage and a seating area! 

Here's a small view of Tennesse, it's a twenty-five minute drive for us from our host home to the church.

My birthday was this summit, and it was my first time spending it away from home and family! I'm so very thankful for my team as they have done so much to make me feel special. They got me a card, made cupcakes for me, and so much more. I'm so grateful for all the friendships God's given me in Life Action!

My parents sent me a package for my birthday! I was excited :)

My roommate Elaine, did this for me so when I opened my door there was this sign that I ran into. Good thing it didn't hurt!

My friend Mark singing to me in Chinese for my birthday. 

Kendra made me red velvet cupcakes! She put edible gold glitter on them, they know me so well!

Anna (Left) Jonthan (Middle) and Landon (Right)
On Sunday morning after the salvation lesson, everyone was leaving the classroom to go do a craft but Landon stayed behind and had several very good questions to ask. One of my coworkers who stayed behind said that, Landon, is getting a very good understanding of God and why we need Him in our lives. Praying this little one will know Jesus one day and if you ask me it won't be too long before he does!

All the kids together on our last night!

Me and Anna, one of the little girls that I taught! 

This is a picture from this morning as I said goodbye to some of the team! They're driving back to Michigan and I'm currently in a very small airport waiting to board my flight! I'm so excited to go home for a little while! I'll get to see my family and help my best friend get married! I'll be sure to keep y'all in the loop! Merry Christmas!

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