Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my cherished readers! I hope the year 2013 will be a very fruitful year for you. The last thirty days of 2012, where perhaps my busiest days of the year. But, in those thirty days, I hosted a bridal shower, did a wedding, Christmas, New Years, and helped my sister move into her new house in one day, and much more. I’d say that it was a very productive break. Now I'm back on the road with Life Action. I'm not feeling super ready but I'm praying for strength!

Here are some pictures of what I did in the last days of my year in 2012.

I sang in stores with my mother. I missed her... a lot. 

Almost every morning she would take me to Starbucks with her. We read some of the Word and then plan out our day or the week. 

I went hiking once with Ashlan by a little mountain near the house. 

Or twice...

We actually went hiking a few times. This was the biggest mountain we did, Camelback.

My little brother and I at the top. He's getting so tall! 

Besides hiking we helped my mom with some painting jobs. 

And my cute family all works out at the gym together. 

I took this on my way back home after doing a cheer clinic with my mom. I do a lot with my mom.

Lunch after church one Sunday morning.

I hung out with my grandma for a little bit. Then all of the sudden before we knew it...

It was time for the rehearsal dinner!

It was a wonderful night filled with memories as well as making some.

The night before the wedding I stayed up with my mom till three in the morning. 

Everybody pitched in to helped get stuff ready for the wedding.

Well, almost everybody.

After we finally were all in bed our alarms went off too early, it was the day of the wedding, and the bride still didn't have contact lenses. So, we did an emergency rush to the eye doctor!

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous...

and so was the bride. I can't believe my best friend is gone, and married now. So happy for her and the future she has with her new husband. I'm so very proud of them and their strong relationship with not only each other but with God as well.

Before the night was over we couldn't pass up the opportunity to reenact an old picture that we took when we were kids. 

 It was good to have all of us back together again.

After the wedding, we all sat down at the house, had some sparkling cider, and talked about our favorite parts of the wedding. Then it was time to get ready for Christmas.

Something I didn't necessarily felt prepared for but in the end it was pulled off well and we all just enjoyed each others company. My sister and brother-in-law stayed with us for a few days after Christmas...

They brought their dog over with them. His name is, Baxter.

He tackled me often. 

A week after the happy couple tied the knot they invited family and close friends over and cooked for all us. They did a great job too!

My mom is really cool. check out her web page...

I'm really missing home right now. These two especially!

I'm also missing my favorite gourmet cupcake shop in Arizona.
It was my lunch that day.

The day before I left I helped my sister and brother-in-law move! I was busy all the way up to my last day at home, but everything was so worth it. I miss home, but now I'm back on the road, in a host home, and I got my new camera in the mail today! 

I Can't wait to post pictures I take with it! 

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