Thursday, February 21, 2013

Oxford, Mississippi

Our last summit was in Oxford, Mississippi. This was by far one of my favorite summits. The church was only a few minutes away from Ole Miss College, so there were several things to do all summit. One of the coolest activities I had the privilege of doing was taking maternity pictures for a couple on my team. They're names are Jen and Dustin, and they will be having a baby boy in just a few weeks! Dustin is our worship leader and Jen is a singer, so we have to move around people a good bit in order to make up for them. Jen already went home to get ready and Dustin will be leaving next Sunday. We are praying that he gets there before the baby comes. 

In Oxford we had more children than we had, had all travel year! God blessed us with fifty kids on a Sunday morning and that was just the first day of the Summit. He continued to bring those kids to the night services and we averaged about thirty or more kids every night. God also blessed me when I did my lesson on sin, when I asked for your prayer. Thank you so much all who prayed for me, it made all the difference in the world. The parents of the church seemed to love the lessons their kids were learning. They would tell us all the time how much they loved having us there and how their child is loving Happy Heart City (the kids club I teach in). As a teacher whose students love coming to the service every night, it just makes me love what I'm doing even more.

Before we left Oxford, we had a combined service with a church that was only a few minutes away. My team did a revival summit at the other church last travel year, so we took the opportunity to come together and praise God for what he had done through the families of both churches. It was a packed Wednesday night in the kids clubs and in the adults service as well. The pastors from both churches got on stage and gave their testimonies of what God had done through them while Life Action was at their church. One pastor had said he realized that he had made an idol in his life. An idol of competition, and being the best church in town, especially between the church we were just at. He apologized to both churches and to the pastor, everyone stood up and told the pastor that they forgave him. It was a very blessed service.

With the blink of an eye it felt like the summit was over and we had to pack up and leave. Now we're in Collierville, Tennessee and this Arizona girl is freezing. The church is beautiful, the kids are great, and I'll tell you all about em soon. So just keep reading, and thank you all so much for taking time to read about what God is doing in this revival ministry and in my life as well. Again thank you for all your support!

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