Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Part five of five.
Downtown, Charleston.

My friend, Kendra.

A two story Starbucks? Yes.

The church we are currently at estimated that we would have fifty children. Usually the number a church tells us is not accurate and we end up with maybe half the amount expected. This year we've had very low numbers in Happy Heart City. As low as, five kids for a few nights. On Sunday morning we had fifty kids, exactly as the church has estimated, and Sunday night forty of them came back. Last night our numbers stayed high still and forty-two children signed in. God greatly answered prayers, as we had been praying for more kids this summit. I have not yet had the opportunity to teach that many kids, so these past few services, have been a huge blessing. In my last post I asked for prayer about a new lesson I had to teach, and I wanted to thank you all so much for keeping me in your prayers. I felt God's blessing last night as I taught about sin, and how it can so easily creep into our lives if we are not careful. Again, thank you so much, I look forward to writing my next post! I hope you will check in to see what's next.