Monday, January 26, 2015


My current battle is to keep the door open. 
God has opened one big door filled with many opportunities for me.
Which consists of going to college, moving back home, pursuing some other dreams of mine.
 However, it never occurred to me that Satan would try to close this door directly on my face.
I am constantly having to fight to keep it open. This is totally a bipolar battle.
Everyday looks different. Sometimes it's a spiritual gun fight... other days it's a thumb war.
And why does it surprise me that Satan would want to keep me from going through that door?
Stupid girl.
You should remember that he's out to get you.

At first I considered all this as maybe a sign that God was telling me I heard Him wrong. That I shouldn't leave Life Action and continue teaching the kids.
Which would be confusing, because he was so clear a few months ago that my time here is coming to a close.
One thing I will always remember my mother taught me is that God is not a God of confusion.
Therefore, I am putting on my spiritual armor and fighting for my future.
Thankfully I know what the ending of this battle looks like.
As I think about life after Life Action and what I would like to do,
there are some dreams I'd like to pursue.
I've also never shared with you what those are...

At a young age I learned my love for fashion. Going to thrift shops with my mom. Finding great things in unexpected places. Creating something new with something old.

When I was twelve my mom bought me my first sewing machine at Penny's.
It's a light blue little powerful machine. I've crafted some fun things with it.
Not soon after that I picked up a camera (just like dad) and learned a love for photography.
Later in life I learned a love for blogging.

Now it's time to put them altogether.
At least I'm going to try.
I didn't know that until the other day. My likes and interests aren't necessarily something that I knew how to
I was watching a youtube video of a fashion blogger i've followed for years.
She discussed her love for fashion and sewing. How making a fashion line she sewed on her own, as well as fashion blogging is what got her through college. She lives in New York and has certainly made a living off of doing what she loves.

Whilst watching it, I realized, I myself have a lot of potential as a seamstress.

(This is a shirt I sewed for my brother this Christmas)

I also love blogging and fashion. For a long time I have loved all these things.
So I have decided to pursue all of these loves of mine.
I want to go to school for business, and while i'm there I can fashion blog, travel a little bit, try sewing some new projects and see how it turns out for me.
All the things I love, and I'm going to pursue it.