Friday, February 20, 2015

Snow, Ice, Sleet, Repeat

This half of the year we tend to run into cold weather often. However, at the moment the cold weather has taken a toll on us. Our four-day conference for a church in Bartlett, Tennessee had three out of four days cancelled due to weather. We set up on Saturday had services on Sunday and then cancelled Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we came in to tear down, and left Thursday. Now we’re traveling to Harrison, Tennessee where there’s also a storm coming in tonight.

At this point it feels like you can only have so many off days.

Of course I was productive though. You know me; I can relax for a little while but only to a certain degree or I’ll go crazy.
So, I finished engagement pictures for a couple of my friends Kendra and Mark…

Then, I worked on a video for my friend Matthew’s birthday which is entirely made up of inside jokes so you may or may not get it but in case you wanted to see it here it is:

And then tried to relax a little bit!

I’m looking forward to finally have a full summit though. We’ve been out of our normal routine for almost a month and traveled to five different place, had five different beds and families to connect with. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome to be able to invest in so many people but I’m only human and desire to land here soon.

Other than that, I’ve registered for my college classes and picked out my dorm that I’ll be living in come the Fall. Oh yeah, and I was accepted to GCU. Which in order to accomplish what I just said you probably figured that out.

Thanks for reading, I’ve been working on more super amature and random videos of road life I hope to get to you soon.

Until next time!