Thursday, January 24, 2013

3/5 Made it to Huntsville

Here's part three of five.
Downtown Charleston.

We made it to Huntsville, Alabama. Hopefully tomorrow we'll be in Oxford, Mississippi. The sleet may be a problem and could keep us for another day or just delay us a few more hours. I'm staying with my host mom from back in October. It's good to see her and catch up a little bit in-between summits. I thought I was getting better at this whole packing thing and not leaving anything behind... I was wrong. My host mom from Charleston just emailed me and said I left my DVD case in the kitchen but that she would mail it to me. In my defense it was under a pile of stuff! Oh well, better luck next time. At least I didn't lose it for good. 

I'm currently reading through the book of Matthew and I'm just constantly in awe of Jesus. I'm so very thankful for my savior who loves me so much, that He died for my sins. There is nothing I could do to pay Him back for a fraction of what He's done for me. Choosing to travel on the road in Life Action for  this year is just one of the smallest things I could do for Jesus. He deserves so much more of me. But I'm so glad to know I'm exactly where He wants me to be. 

Are you?