Thursday, January 17, 2013

At the Edge of America...

I'm back to the gypsy life and this time we've stopped, "At the Edge of America" also known as, Charleston, South Carolina. Last week my host mom took her grandchildren and me to Folly Beach, where I had the chance to use my new camera for the first time! It was kind of a cloudy day, and it even started to rain. However, it turned around and I got a couple shots of the blue sky once it cleared up.

This summit has been flying by. So far, I've been to downtown Charleston, the beach, obviously, and in the church all day like normal. I'll be posting more pictures and information of what we've been doing. We'll be here for about another week, and then we're off too Mississippi where we'll see another Life Action team because they'll be doing a summit nearby.

I also have some very important news I will be announcing soon, so you'll be sure to want to check in when I have new posts to see what it is! 

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