Saturday, January 26, 2013

4/5 Finally in Oxford, Mississippi

Part four of five.
Downtown Charleston.

These houses have been around since before the Civil War. If you were standing next to one of them, you could see these black circles all around the sides. They were meant to help protect the houses or buildings from earthquakes because they couldn't afford anything else because of the war.

We finally made it to Oxford, Mississippi last night. This has been the most talked about summit since it was put on the schedule some time last summer. I've been here a short time but I can see why. The downtown area is right next to Ole Miss College. The whole area is really great, I can't wait to explore it more. Tomorrow we'll be starting our services at the church and it's going to be a long morning. Then we'll also have the Sunday night service. We've been told there should be about thirty kids, in the age group i teach, I'm getting pretty excited! Monday night I have to teach a lesson I've never done before, so I'm getting prepared for that! Praying that it goes well. The lesson is on sin, and how when we let just a little of it creep into our lives, it can easily take over us and take us to a place we never thought we would end up. You would think this is big concept for a four year old, but majority of the kids have understood the lesson for years. I just hope God will bless me with being able to communicate to the kids the entire story. If you would keep me in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it!